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    Archeominerary Park
    in Tuscany

    Not to forget that the beauties we can enjoy today come from centuries of hard-won discoveries.

    Bungalow Toscana Parco Archeominerario di San Silvestro

    New Year’s Eve Archeominerario Park

    When you’re at the beach in Tuscany, you certainly won’t have time to get bored.

    There are so many things to do, see or taste that you will be spoiled for choice.

    You were staying in a beautiful camping bungalow and managed to leave a year of stress behind. Then it’s time to live a new experience. You can enrich your luggage and tell your friends that you have been to the mine!


    Yes, because a few kilometers from Campiglia Marittima there is a park to discover mining tunnels, the miners’ village founded a thousand years ago, archaeological and geological finds.


    It’s called the New Year’s Eve Archeominerary Park.


    One of the most interesting and curious things is to walk through the old mine’s tunnels and find that the temperature is constant at 14 degrees all year round.


    In the medieval village, you can also visit the castle of Rocca San Silvestro. Specific areas are dedicated to minerals and extraction machines used in the area.


    Another section is dedicated to miners and their lives and being able to make a trip on a real mining train. In the Rocca, various medieval-themed activities and workshops are organized dedicated to schools and children in spring and summer.


    Here you can live a special and interesting experience that will excite your children.

    Even during a beach holiday, in the relaxation of your bungalow, here you can find many things to discover.


    They are also a way to keep alive the history, culture, and traditions of Tuscany and the whole of Italy, which have lived through past generations.

    Not to forget that the beauties we can enjoy today come from centuries of hard-won discoveries.