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    Bungalows in Tuscany
    sea prices

    Sea prices in Tuscany for bungalow and your holiday in Punta Ala. The vacation rental offers accommodated holidays where to relax in contact with nature and all the house’s comforts.

    bungalow toscana mare prezzi

    The bungalow is located within the tourist structure that offers you all the services that you could not find in the house. In the village and at the campsite you can, first of all, enjoy the proximity to the sea that allows you to live your holiday truly on the sea.

    Shopping areas and food supermarkets are also set up within the property to shop for your family, which prevents you from searching for the nearest shops. However, if you don’t feel like cooking and want to dine at the restaurant, the village can also satisfy even the most demanding palates.


    Camping as a village

    The campsite is no longer just a clearing of land where you can put your tent and access the common bathrooms. Still, they are real villages that also offer you different gastronomic proposals for different tastes.


    For example, for lunch, you can go to the pizzeria or prepare in the kitchen of your bungalow an excellent Caprese salad with the mozzarella and tomatoes you bought at the camping market. But if you want to stay at the beach even at lunchtime, you can always buy sandwiches or salads inside the village.

    bungalow toscana mare prezzi

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      34 4.5 2 8,5" 21,8cm
      35 5 3 8,8" 22,4cm
      36 6 4 9" 23cm
      37 6.5 4.5 9,3" 23,6cm
      38 7.5 5.5 9,5" 24,3cm
      39 8 6 9,8" 24,9cm
      40 9 7 10" 25,5-cm
      41 10 7.5 10,3" 26,2cm
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      39 6 6 9,9" 25,2cm
      40 7 7 10,1" 25,8cm
      41 8 7.5 10,4" 26,4cm
      42 9 8.5 10,6" 27cm
      43 10 9.5 10,8" 27,6cm
      44 11 10 11,1" 28,3cm
      45 12 11 11,3" 28,9cm
      46 13 11.5 11,6" 29,6cm