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    Camping Bungalow

    If you’re a certain age, do you remember when you went camping when you were young in a small tent?

    camping bungalow

    If you are young, you will struggle to imagine a campsite that was little more than a clearing with a central bathroom for all amenities.

    Years ago, it was much the same as today, where we organize and plan everything from a tent to transportation. Here are some great ideas for your next camping trip.

    Since then, a lot of time has passed. Today’s campsite is a small village equipped with all the services to live a holiday with all the comforts without giving up anything.

    Camping and Bungalow today are concepts that travel together because going camping unless you get there with your camper means finding real houses to rent.

    The Bungalow is a single-floor house built with light but insulating materials, where you can live your holiday in contact with nature. Everyone is equipped with a veranda furnished for outdoor living. This makes a lot of difference to savor the summer by the sea.

    The bungalows are renovated every year, so you can enjoy hospitality with all the most modern and functional amenities every summer.

    There are bungalows in cheaper versions and extra luxury models, furnished with design objects that would envy any home.

    But even the simplest ones allow you to enjoy the cool of the pine forest, be a few steps from the sea or the pool, move freely on foot or by bike to go to the market.

    Those who habitually use them, or even those who have tried it only once, know that the Bungalow is a real home, with a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and bathroom. Models with the largest size may also have a wardrobe or other spaces available, mosquito nets, refrigerator, and many other conveniences.

    Simple does not mean worn but reduce the essentials to enjoy your holiday comfortably.

    The Bungalow, thanks to its simplicity and location, offers more than one house. First of all, likely, a house is much farther from the sea. With the Bungalow, you can leave the house in costume, and in a few seconds, you are in the water. If you want a snack in the middle of the morning, go to the kitchen to get it.

    Maybe in a masonry house, you wouldn’t even have extra amenities and in the evening, to see friends, you should go out. In the campsite all at your fingertips. Friends, too.

    If you haven’t done so yet, take a camping holiday in Bungalow. And you will discover the difference!

    camping bungalow