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    bungalow in Tuscany

    Only in Tuscany’s camping do you have the opportunity to choose between beautiful things and the best things.

    camping toscana

    Camping on the Tyrrhenian coast of Tuscany offers a sea that many are judged to live up to other famous locations around the world.

    The sea of Maremma, and Punta Ala, in particular, adds other unique aspects to the quality of the beach. Besides the level of hospitality of the highest level, you can enjoy the unspoiled nature that elsewhere is unthinkable. Camping in Tuscany is an experience in contact with nature but a few steps from the mundane places to shop.

    In summary, wild beaches in the luxury of glamour. How many places can a definition like this boast?

    Camping in Tuscany allows you to stay in the coast’s centuries-old pine forest, among maritime pines, lysses, eucalyptus trees, and Mediterranean scrub.

    Even on sunny days, you can enjoy the shade of the pine forest to stay on the veranda in the hottest hours.

    Unless you are a beach fanatic who does not want to waste even a minute of the sun from the campsites of Tuscany, it is easy to reach in a short time the places to visit for a day of their enrichment.

    Archaeological sites, the most beautiful villages in Italy, medieval villages and castles, are scattered in many places. Everywhere you can find something to see or live, without considering visiting cities such as Florence, Pisa, Siena, Volterra, and many others that do not need introductions.

    Let’s just take a small example to imagine a normal day at a campsite in Tuscany. You wake up early in the cool of the Mediterranean scrub to the pine forest birds and have a nice breakfast on the veranda.

    An hour of sailing school is enough to refresh the memory of sailing basics learned a few years ago.

    On the way back we can enjoy a nice bath with diving and enjoy some relaxation.

    For lunch, just a snack at the camping restaurant with the best crepes in the area. Only after having a little chat with friends in front of a fresh aperitif.

    After reading something interesting, you can agree to take part in a football challenge at the campsite.

    After the shower, however, it will be appropriate to take another refreshing bath.

    In the late afternoon, pop into Massa Marittima to see Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s famous Majesty, a 1335 painting by one of the most important Italian painters of the Middle Ages.

    For the evening you can choose whether to book one of the many local restaurants or return to the campsite for the evening animated by the staff. In any case, you can have fun, and what you have not done today you can do tomorrow. But only in camping in Tuscany will you have the opportunity to choose between beautiful things and the best things.

    camping bungalow toscana