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    Campsites in Tuscany
    On the Sea For Children

    A camping vacation in Tuscany by the sea is an experience that is part of the history of many people.

    campeggi in toscana sul mare per bambini

    From the early post-war years to the more structured tourism of today, many families have experienced that a beach vacation for children is one of those memories that remain forever.

    The fun, the outdoor life, the beauty of the sea to discover but easy to reach. These and many others are the characteristics that have made camping in Tuscany preferred over other types of vacations.

    The campsites in Tuscany on the sea for children offer many possibilities to have fun experiences together with parents, but also to meet other children and young people so much that you don’t have time to do everything.

    In addition to the games on the beach, which have always characterized the days at the beach, the campsites in Tuscany by the sea are equipped with many sports facilities of excellent level that allow you to practice sports such as tennis, volleyball, soccer, archery and everything that the imagination of the organizers are able to propose.

    To stay on the sea, children in camping in Tuscany can start learning the first rudiments of surfing. It’s a very popular activity and there is special equipment to teach children to have fun with the board.

    Looking at the inland, kilometers of bike paths that run along the pine forests immediately come to mind. Even in Punta Ala there are bike paths that can be used by all ages and offer amazing views. What could be nicer for a child than a bike ride before a dip in the ocean?

    Children are rightly curious by nature and a camping vacation in Tuscany could be an opportunity, even for parents, to see with their own eyes the things they have learned at school. See the history through the Etruscan finds and the medieval cities, the architecture of the Romanesque cathedrals, the art of all the frescoes scattered throughout the Tuscan territory.

    Tuscany is rich in treasures that children can be taught to appreciate during a vacation, far from the boredom of school desks.

    Many of us, digging into the past, will find in the beach vacation as children some wonderful memories that we can propose to our children so that they can enjoy and enrich them too. Tuscany campgrounds are the ideal place to make unforgettable memories.