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Punta Ala

For your bungalow, you can choose the most suitable solution for you and the number of people your holiday with

bungalow toscana punta ala

Spending a bungalow holiday in Punta Ala is an experience you won’t forget.

In Punta Ala, you will be able to be immersed like the Maremma, with a splendid sea, in a beautiful and very comfortable bungalow. The best.

Imagine enjoying the evening on your veranda among maritime pines, corks, and eucalyptus trees. Behind, you can feel the sea undersea a few steps away.

You can enjoy Tuscan specialties prepared from the experience of the artisans of the area.
While sipping a White of Pitigliano, or a full-bodied Morellino di Scansano, you can tell how your sailing trip went. Yes, because in your bungalow vicinity, there is also the sailing school that allowed you to have some experience with this sport.

Tomorrow you can take a nice mountain bike ride among the paths of Punta Ala, so much on your return you can rest and rest among the comforts of your perfectly equipped bungalow.
Maybe a nice dip in the sea first might please you.

Not to mention what it means to have a hearty breakfast in the middle of the woods. Well, you’re not right in the middle of the woods, but the vegetation is so high and dense that it’s hard to see the other guests at the campsite.

The bungalow allows you to live surrounded by nature but having all the comforts and the right privacy.
You can choose the solution that best suits you and the number of people you holiday with for your bungalow. From two to eight people, you can find bungalows of different sizes, finishes, and prices.

In all, however, the experience will be unforgettable.
We are sure you will return to Punta Ala.

bungalow toscana punta ala

    Euro Tailles US Tailles UK Tailles Pouces Centímetros
    34 4.5 2 8,5" 21,8cm
    35 5 3 8,8" 22,4cm
    36 6 4 9" 23cm
    37 6.5 4.5 9,3" 23,6cm
    38 7.5 5.5 9,5" 24,3cm
    39 8 6 9,8" 24,9cm
    40 9 7 10" 25,5-cm
    41 10 7.5 10,3" 26,2cm
    Euro Tailles US Tailles UK Tailles Pouces Centímetros
    39 6 6 9,9" 25,2cm
    40 7 7 10,1" 25,8cm
    41 8 7.5 10,4" 26,4cm
    42 9 8.5 10,6" 27cm
    43 10 9.5 10,8" 27,6cm
    44 11 10 11,1" 28,3cm
    45 12 11 11,3" 28,9cm
    46 13 11.5 11,6" 29,6cm