Free beach in tuscany

The sea is synonymous with freedom and for many a seaside vacation is a way of seeking this feeling, far from the daily routine.

spiaggia libera

The free beach in Tuscany is the poster of this freedom.

The sunbed and umbrella in the beach bathroom are certainly a convenience, but those looking to get away from the crowds seek the free beach. Without music in your ears, away from the ice cream bar and restaurant. Just the sound of the sea.

In contact with a still uncontaminated nature, even if within easy reach, you can find unforgettable free beaches.

It would be impossible to even choose the most beautiful ones. But at least we will tell you about a few that we recommend you visit because they deserve to be remembered.

The first beautiful free beach is called Cala Violina and is located in the Natural Reserve of Bandite di Scarlino. To reach it you have to walk for half an hour to cross the pine forest and get to a transparent sea. A must-see.

It is also worth to visit the beach of Feniglia, on the strip of land that joins the argentario to the mainland. A long beach of dunes where it doesn’t even seem to be in Italy. White sand, clear sea, Mediterranean scrub. All the ingredients to truly experience the sea.

To get out a little from the usual standard of the sandy beach, among the free beaches to visit there is also the Quercianella, outside Livorno. It offers a rocky coastline ideal for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. In addition to this, the area offers many hiking and biking trails. In addition to natural beauty, in this area you can also meet many Art Nouveau villas.

All the islands of the Tuscan archipelago offer free beaches and, as for those located in national or regional parks, are strictly regulated to access a limited number of people in order not to alter the natural balance of the microclimate.

Many of these free beaches in Tuscany are natural wonders that deserve to be visited.

spiaggia libera toscana

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