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    Punta Ala Camp

    The Punta Ala Camp Resort campsite is located very close to the sea, in a beautiful natural environment.

    bungalow puntaala

    Thanks to its location and the high quality of services offered, it has become a wonderful choice for families.

    The modern seaside resort is situated on a fantastic promontory with spectacular Mediterranean views overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea’s beautiful and crystal-clear waters.

    The bungalow is located within the tourist structure that offers you all the services that you could not find in the house.

    Camping in the wonderful Punta Ala

    Camping is a fantastic charm holiday option.  The campsite was interchangeable with essentiality and frugality, for those facilities were pretty bad in amenities.

    Let’s start, for example, with security.

    Each guest is registered in their way, and the license plate also allows access to this agreement on time and in the regions delegated to the parking lot rather than to other people.

    The accessibility of guests must always be registered, in any case with locomotion and on time allowed.

    The accommodation offers various options, from the less expensive ones such as pitch to a tent in the most sumptuous of luxury and glamping home facilities designed with unique solutions, among a wide assortment of accommodations of different capacities, the number of finishes, and equipment.

    All have as their attribute to make you reside in contact with the considerably larger character than is possible in a hotel or apartment.

    In addition, the reduced distance from the ocean makes camping an exceptional way to experience the holiday season.

    We include that campsites now offer the possibility to eat in the restaurant, buy local products for both meals and crafts, and provide entertainment for all ages.

    It’s simple to conclude that swimming is an option selected by most people since it can meet many, if not memorable, vacation requirements.

    Punta Ala, a beautiful coastline and a wonderful campsite

    In the municipality of Castiglione Della Pescaia, we are located in Maremma, which is about twenty kilometers to the southwest.  The promontory overlooking the sea with its normal shape where it took its title, is covered by the typical Mediterranean vegetation as well as by the clarity of the sea where they forget the stones of the south side, perfectly following the fine sand shore of Piastrone on the shore to the north.

    This stretch of coast meets the many needs: the two for people looking for bathing institutions equipped with catering and entertainment services, even for those who are looking for stretches of shore free to enjoy freedom.  The beach slopes gently, making the shore of Punta Ala acceptable even for families with children.

    The Tuscan coast is distinguished from the Mediterranean scrub. This stretch of shore is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest that offers an oasis of refreshment in the shore’s warmth.

    Less than a mile away, Punta Ala is your sparrowhawk stone. On this rather small island, Italo Balbo needed his beautiful villa to acquire the most important personalities of this moment.

    A location with such a world ago is now a favorite destination for birdwatchers due to the wide range of volatile species nesting on this island.

    However, the seabed charm also attracts snorkeling and diving enthusiasts who are here really fascinating areas to explore.