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    Punta Ala Villages

    Punta Ala has a special atmosphere.

    villaggi punta ala

    It is the place where you can fully enjoy the summer and sun but surrounded by unique landscapes, with beautiful walks and bicycle paths, easy to reach shops and restaurants, and above all it offers activities for all tastes. In short, a holiday village that offers fun and relaxation for every age group.

    When we think about the beach holiday, many of us think of accommodation near the beach, in a quiet village where we can find typical restaurants, craft shops, and entertainment.

    Today the campsite is managed in this way, to meet the needs of a fun, relaxing holiday, in contact with nature. The charm of the seaside villages was given by the contact with nature and the locals.

    In modern camping, this concept has been enriched with other aspects to satisfy everyone’s needs.

    Everyone at the campsite can find what they are looking for.

    The sportsman can practice many disciplines both at sea and as a team.

    The foodie can find the local specialties in addition to the ice creams and openers typical of the holiday.

    Those looking for beautiful things can discover traditional productions in craft shops.

    Art lovers in Tuscany find a reason for interest in every corner.

    Those who take holidays with friends in the village find accommodation suitable for groups and couples.

    Those looking for tranquility for their family find adequate spaces and activities reserved for children and young people who may interest and entertain them.

    But there’s more to the seaside villages.

    Come and experience the atmosphere that is created where you have fun, where you can enjoy nature and relax in beautiful landscapes.

    The beauties of the Tuscan coast offer many of those attractions that you regret not being able to see all. It will mean that you will have to come back to enjoy all the opportunities that you could not take advantage of.

    villaggi bungalow