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    Bungalow renting
    in Tuscany

    If you rent a bungalow in Tuscany, make a deal. You not only use accommodation but become part of a village where the bungalow is inserted.

    affitto bungalow toscana

    It is a system made of facilities, services, and people to share the fun to live a relaxing holiday.

    Rent a Bungalow in Tuscany in Punta Ala

    If you rent a bungalow in Tuscany, you may be close to the sea to learn or practice if you are already experienced in all the water sports today more fashionable: surfing, kite surfing, stand up paddle and everyone else.

    You might be in a village with restaurants run by great chefs who can kindle your evenings. You could quickly reach the world’s most famous art cities, such as Siena, Florence, Pisa. You could dedicate a day to your well-being at one of the many spas where you can find 37-degree sulfurous water.

    Maybe you could even rent a bike and ride a small part of the many bike paths that pass through nature reserves, protected oases, and hills. However, if you would like to ride them on horseback to savor the life of buttero there would be no problem. You can easily find ridings that can accompany you in the enterprise.

    In short, as you understand, if you rent a bungalow in Tuscany, it opens up a world in front of you, made of beautiful, quality things, with which you can live beautiful experiences. Such as buying the area’s gastronomic excellence and in the evening set up a memorable dinner with your friends.

    But rent Tuscan bungalows is something more. It’s about touching quality at all levels. Both in the luxury of first-class facilities such as those of Punta Ala that hosted the sailing experience of Luna Rossa and the simplicity of the free beaches where the environment is protected and allows everyone to take advantage of uncontaminated nature.

    Rent a bungalow in Tuscany, and you will find out what it means to have everything.

    affitto bungalow toscana

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