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    Rent a pitch

    The seasonal pitch is one of the most requested solutions for those who love the life of the campsite.

    affitto piazzole

    Pitching a tent is one of your favorite pastimes when summer finally arrives. The time to unwind, relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

    Rent a pitch in Punta Ala

    For longer holidays you take your trailer, motorhome, or campervan with all the comforts of home. When going camping you have a tendency to ditch some amenities that you use in your house. However, pitching a tent is sometimes not enough to feel like being at home during the break. For instance, a lot of people miss their daily hot chocolate in bed when they go camping. A solution like these seasonal pitches offer a nice compromise between enjoying nature and having some comforts from home in close proximity.


    If you are looking for this solution, Tuscany is the region with the highest offer of pitches in high-level campsites throughout Italy.


    Rent a pitch in Punta Ala


    It is no coincidence that in Tuscany there are hundreds of campsites that have invested in fixed and mobile structures of the latest generation.


    When you arrive at the campsite in Tuscany you can rent the pitch naked if you arrive with your tent, with the camper or with the caravan. In this case the pitch will be your support base and in the best facilities it will allow you to connect to light and water.


    In other cases you can stay in a pitch already equipped by the campsite. You can choose between caravan, cottage or bungalow. The buildings are always made with natural materials to integrate with the surrounding environment and offer a pleasant impact also thanks to the care of greenery to which everyone today gives the right importance.


    Quality is in fact made by many details that make the difference compared to past times.


    Cleanliness, order, silence, are all intangible elements but that make a stay pleasant, naturally together with the level of the proposed accommodations.


    The rental of pitches in Tuscany it is advisable to do it a certain advance on the summer season, in order to take advantage of the best areas.


    The pitches are maintained all year round by the managers of the campsite who take care of the greenery, the full efficiency of the systems and, where provided, the constant maintenance of the bungalows.


    Every year, in fact, they are renovated with furnishings in perfect efficiency, both for the interior and for the outdoor veranda.


    The rent of the annual pitches in Tuscany allows you to install a caravan or a cottage to have a house near the sea without the costs and management of a property.


    A great solution to enjoy the sea with the minimum of problems.

    affitto piazzole