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    for Camper

    The camper is not only a means of locomotion, evolution of the caravan. It’s a style of vacation you get passionate about at all ages.

    piazzole per camper

    Traveling by camper means bringing along the essentials of your life in an environment as close to home as possible. It is one’s home in motion.

    The camper equips his vehicle with all possible care and is often assisted by his wife who adds the feminine touch to the technical aspect of the vehicle.

    With the motorhome the journey is already the vacation and the road already offers the pleasure of freedom. However, in the evening, you have to stop and to enjoy all the comforts offered by the vehicle, you can stay on the pitches offered by the campsites for those who travel this way.

    The campsites in Tuscany offer excellent pitches with electricity and water connections and, in most cases, are located near the vegetation that provides the shade so precious in summer.

    If you’re planning a touring trip, in order to take advantage of the best locations, it’s best to book the pitch. If you’re the methodical type and have planned your trip down to the last detail, this won’t be a problem.

    But even if you like to live by the day and be inspired by the emotions of the moment and the landscape, you can stop at the nearest campsite and easily find a pitch for your camper.

    If, on the other hand, you like to have a more sedentary experience with your motorhome, choose in advance the pitch in the position you prefer to enjoy your vacation in total relaxation.

    The RV allows you to discover the continent (and beyond) while having a familiar environment around you. It’s a close experience to boating. But driving an RV is within everyone’s reach and many prefer to have their “feet on the ground” at all times.

    In the campsites of Tuscany you can travel comfortably with your camper and always find in the campsites excellent accommodations. The pitches are always well maintained and kept in perfect working order.

    In the evening, between stories and laughter, you can exchange experiences with campers from nearby pitches, which is always one of the most fun activities of this type of experience.

    piazzole camper