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    Campsite Pitches

    An outdoor holiday is the dream of many, but not everyone is willing to give up the comforts of home.

    piazzole per il campeggio

    In fact, today’s vehicles and campsites have developed in such a way that they offer many services that were very difficult to provide yesterday. Maybe we wouldn’t have the same amenities but we have different ones.

    Campsites, especially in Tuscany where they are very well equipped, offers several accommodation solutions. The most basic is the pitch, which is the space where you can place your housing unit.

    This could be a tent, trailer, caravan or motorhome.

    The pitch normally offers water and power connections, and this already solves many limitations that were once normal.

    The older generation will remember that water had to be fetched from the fountains and that light had to be brought from home with gas lamps. Not to mention the gas cylinder for cooking.

    Today the pitch can host your accommodation, whatever it may be, with the convenience of water and electricity connections.

    Whether in your tent, trailer or RV, you can make use of your pitch and equip it with all the amenities.

    The suggestion is to book your pitch well in advance so that you can choose the best location according to your needs.

    If you want to be as close as possible to the sea to let your children run wild, or if you want to settle in the most remote corner of the campsite to be protected from the nightlife and maintain privacy, choose the pitch that best suits you. The campsites in Tuscany are in great demand and it is worth choosing the right space to experience your vacation the way you want it.

    But even if you arrive at the last minute there’s enough room for everyone to avoid being next to the disco. Or maybe it was just what you were looking for?

    Booking a pitch is the standard solution for those traveling with a caravan or camper, but even those who move with their own tent need space to place it.

    The quality of your vacation also depends on how and where the pitches are located, but on this aspect the campsites in Tuscany are unbeatable

    piazzole campeggio