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    The Tuscany Sea

    Sea holidays in Tuscany are the desire of many families who, perhaps in the city, seek the fun and well-being of an outdoor holiday in the heat after a year of work.

    campeggi toscana mare

    The sea is by far one of our planet’s great natural resources where it is possible to live a total experience.

    It is unknown if such a powerful natural phenomenon as the sea existed on this whole Earth before man appeared and began to live on it: it would be someone that even today we can admire from a scientific point of view.


    Beach holidays are the desire of many families who, after a year of work, perhaps in the city, seek the fun and well-being of an outdoor holiday in the heat.


    Toscana mare is the combination that manages to combine holidays immersed in the beauty of nature with the offer of high-level structures in a territory that offers many opportunities for personal enrichment.


    In Italy, it is easy to find seaside resorts to take holidays, but few places can offer so many opportunities in an easy-to-reach area with well-structured services.


    It is worth spending a few words on the Tuscan sea that is regularly awarded over 20 Blue Flags to recognize the quality of its tourist services.


    For the beaches’ cleanliness, for the quantity and quality of tourist and nautical services, Tuscany is always at the forefront of offering quality holidays.


    Hotel Toscana mare

    With the means available today, looking for accommodation for beach holidays in Tuscany has never been easier. A lot depends on the type of holiday you want to live.

    Along the entire coast of Tuscany, hotels of all categories offer accommodations of all kinds: from the cheapest to the most prestigious ones with tourist services to satisfy holidaymakers of all types.


    Punta Ala is an example of how the offer is varied for those looking for accommodation, whether in the Hotel, residence, farmhouse, apartment, or camping. Punta Ala is a place that has been able to maintain its natural character and at the same time offer solutions for all needs, for those who love to receive a complete service or for those who prefer to be independent with a rent.


    For example, several agencies and individuals offer apartments for rent even for a few days, leaving the guest the choice to use the many local restaurants or whether to provide their meals. This solution is preferred by large families who find it more convenient to have family housing than incur costs for each component.


    Map Tuscany sea

    When you consult the Tuscany sea map, it is evident how the development of the coast from north to south offers a variety of locations, and therefore proposals, very varied.

    To the north, the beaches of Versilia are a strong worldly appeal for those looking for shopping streets and renowned establishments.

    It is a sea suitable for children because the bottom is sandy and very low. The area is full of accommodation offers of all kinds, from large campsites in the pine forest to numerous private homes throughout the area.

    Many campsites, to diversify the offer and offer a greater number of services, have inside the pool where sports and recreational activities are organized for guests.

    You can view all the campsites with a swimming pool and activities reserved for children on the Toscana Mare map.