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    Sorano has traditionally been considered an important settlement throughout the centuries.

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    Sorano is an ancient medieval village with winding alleys that reach the famous Orsini Fortress in Via San Marco.

    The Orsini Fortress is a beautiful example of medieval architecture built on a tuff spur of which it seems natural. Its dungeons are a labyrinth to explore, and some galleries are of Etruscan origin.

    You enter the ancient village through the Arco del Ferrini and follow the main street, from which you can see how Sorano is placed on an overhanging cliff on the Lente stream.
    The village offers balconies and terraces overlooking the woods, gorges, and the countryside below, offering rare beauty landscapes.

    The road goes all the way to the Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas, a 13th-century Church that preserves works of considerable value, such as a canvas by Raffaello Vanni.
    The palaces, the Clock Tower, the Leopoldino Boulder are the particular attractions of this village from which you can see the whole surrounding countryside.

    If you cross the gate, you enter the Lens Valley, where you can visit the caves of Etruscan origin and the famous Cave Streets. These hand-dug paths still hold the mystery of their origin and function.
    Near Sorano, you can also visit the large rock complex located on a terrace in a very panoramic position.

    It is an area that testifies to human settlements since the Bronze Age, difficult to date. Throughout this area, you can visit caves, cave dwellings, tombs, doves. All environments dug into the tuff in different eras.

    From the lookout, you can enjoy a very suggestive view of Sorano in the hours of sunset.
    From here also starts the Via Cava that arrives directly in Sorano and that deserves to be traveled entirely.

    Another particular attraction of the area is represented by Castell’Ottieri, a fortified complex built at different times. La Rocca is the central building and represents the heart of the castle. It consists of a circular tower welded with another square-based tower.

    If you are in the area, do not miss the opportunity to visit Sorano and its surroundings. It will be a dive into ancient and medieval history. You can’t say you’ve been to Maremma if you haven’t seen these locations.