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    Price of Campsite in Tuscany

    Campsites in Tuscany have been an established reality for many years.

    campeggi toscana prezzi

    For this reason they offer a first-rate service that is also appreciated by the many foreigners who visit the coasts of this region every year.

    They are real villages, equipped with all the comforts to which we are accustomed to organize life in the open air.

    The swimming pool is one of the standard facilities, as well as the use of bicycles, different types of market, daytime and evening entertainment and sports facilities.

    The restaurant occupies a prominent place, both the daytime with lunches and snacks of all kinds, and the classic meat or fish restaurant for the evening.

    Prices are usually divided by price per person and per pitch.

    We report as an indication the average daily price, with first that of the low season usually referred to the month of May, then that for the high season, for the month of August.

    price per adult, from 6,00€ to 16,00€

    price for children from 3 to 9 years old, from 5,00€ to 12,00€

    pitch price for simple tent, from 7,00€ to 19,00€

    pitch price for caravan, camper, caravan, tent trailer, from 7,00€ to 21,00€.

    The pitches are usually equipped with electricity and water, the consumption of which is charged separately. In addition, many campgrounds charge an additional daily fee for day guests and dogs.

    A separate discourse should be made for more comfortable accommodations such as bungalows, mobile homes or cottages. Today almost all campsites offer prefabricated structures equipped with every comfort suitable to accommodate up to 5 people.

    The weekly cost can range from 350.00€ in the low season to over 1500.00€ for the most luxurious houses in August.

    Most of these cottages offer an outdoor veranda to enjoy the shade of the pine forest, a living room/kitchen where you can eat with the whole family, a double bedroom and a second room with two or three beds. In the most expensive solutions, a wardrobe space is also provided.

    These are, however, solutions of great charm and practicality, always in contact with nature and in the midst of all the services of the village.

    campeggi toscana prezzi