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    Tuscany beach
    for dogs

    The sea of Tuscany is considered one of the most beautiful in Italy and is considered at the forefront of pet friendly.

    spiagge in toscana per cani

    Many beaches are equipped with services even for those who travel with a dog.

    Several bathing establishments are available to accommodate our four-legged friends by dedicating special areas to walks, showers and fountains for animals, veterinary service, pet shop for dedicated products.

    In some cases, it is even possible to find dedicated facilities where dog educators are available for private and group classes.

    For many people, in fact, in the choice of the place for their vacations at the seaside, the possibility to bring their dog instead of leaving it in some boarding house is essential.

    Dog lovers can understand the joy of taking their four-legged friend with them to the beach as well.

    As the sensibility on this subject increases, the offer of services in this direction also increases, and it is no longer impossible to find a beach for dogs in Tuscany.

    State regulations only allow dogs to bathe outside the hours of 9-19 during the summer months. However, in almost all bathing establishments it is possible to keep them on a leash under the beach umbrella or walking along the shoreline.

    With the entire pine forest available, it will not be difficult to find spaces for beautiful walks away from the heat.

    In the many areas of free beach is still possible to bring pets, in compliance with municipal regulations.

    Thanks to this new way of traveling, you will no longer need to be separated from your pets. Also thanks to this, we trust that the episodes of abandonment will decrease, until they are totally nullified.

    If you are looking for a beach for dogs, you know that in Tuscany you can find several answers that are right for you and your dog. You will no longer need to take separate vacations and it will certainly be a happier vacation.

    spiaggia toscana per cani