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    Holidays in bungalows

    The campsite has evolved. The campsite is no longer a clearing of land, divided in some way, where you can arrange your tent or caravan.

    vacanze bungalow

    Villages and bungalows are now almost synonymous because, like a small town, bungalows form the territory’s backbone

    The bungalows offer all the comforts of the house but also something more. Taking advantage of a veranda for outdoor life near the sea is not something that everyone can afford. The bungalow village, yes.

    The bungalows offer two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, television and often also air conditioning and wardrobe.

    It is like living in a small village, with the sea a few meters away, where nearby you can find shops, restaurants, swimming pool, sports facilities, entertainment and evening shows, spaces to meet friends and much more.

    Can you imagine finding a village with these characteristics?

    This is the reason for the success of these facilities that have been able to combine a first-level hospitality offer with the fun, comfort, relaxation, and safety of controlled accesses.

    In bungalow villages, you can book for several years or even buy its exclusive use. In this way, you can dedicate yourself to the care of your home as if it were the masonry one, but with many more services. Year after year, you can find your friends and see your children growing up with their peers nearby, in a familiar atmosphere.

    Because in addition to the services, which must still be of the highest quality, a network of relationships often make a difference in a holiday.

    In the village, in your bungalow, you can go throughout the year like any dwelling. Also, however, you have the guarantee that the village manager is always present, except perhaps a few days of annual vacation, to ensure safety or emergency intervention in case of a calamity.

    So, on balance, maybe the bungalow is much more than a house.

    vacanze bungalow

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