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    Punta Ala Weather

    Two eyes on the horizon, beyond the sea: watch it live from punta ala beach. It is a windy day at the beach.

    vacanze punta ala

    Two eyes on the horizon, beyond the sea, watch it live from Punta Ala beach. The wind is blowing S / SW alternating cold and warm air masses from the Alps.

    Weather Punta Ala

    The small gulf of Punta Ala, enclosed by the promontory of Piombino and the Island of Elba, sheltered from the currents coming from the North, presents in the summer months about 70/80 days of sun and good weather during temperatures between 24 ° and 30 °C.

    Only rarely are peaked up to 34°C reached on the most sultry days when scirocco wind blows.

    In the evening, after the bright sunsets that ignite the horizon between Cerboli and Salivoli, the temperatures are pleasantly cooler, between 18 ° and 20 ° C.

    In autumn and winter, the days are mild and sunny, with precipitation usually concentrated in October and November.

    The Weather in Punta Ala

    Punta Ala is one of the most popular seaside resorts on the Tyrrhenian coast and Italy in general.

    It owes its fame to the beauty of its beaches and the quality of tourist services.

    Punta Ala is located on the Tyrrhenian coast, in the province of Grosseto, Tuscany.

    The summer season is the one that attracts the most guests. Temperatures can even reach 35°C, but the sea and the shade of the pine forest that runs all over the hinterland offer the necessary refreshment to enjoy a pleasant holiday.

    The weather in Punta Ala is continental and mild all year round. This allows you to have a tourist season that occupies many months of the year.

    In spring, the maximum temperature stabilizes around 22 degrees, while in autumn, it is a few degrees higher.

    In summer, the month of most fabulous tourist turnout, the average temperature stands at about 30 degrees, offering a pleasant climate.

    Rainy days are infrequent, about one per month.

    Punta Ala, where the sun never sets

    You usually do weather research when dealing with trips to locations that can create discomfort from a wellness perspective.

    This is not the case with Punta Ala, which, even in winter, offers the possibility to enjoy outdoor activities.

    For example, winter is the perfect season to visit nature oases and observe wildlife in its natural environment.

    The area is uncrowded, and prices are lower than average, but the environmental conditions are great for enjoying an off-season vacation.

    In winter in Punta Ala, the maximum temperature does not fall below 15°C while the minimum never drops below 3 degrees.

    Time in Punta Ala

    It’s rare to find a rainy day in Punta Ala, and if it happens, it’s a few short-lived downpours. Of course, we are talking about a Mediterranean climate at a latitude of 42.8.

    So there is no scorching climate of the islands or the sultry weather of the Po Valley. It is a pleasant and cool temperate climate.

    The hinterland is poorly ventilated, so if you are looking for archaeological excavations or visiting the famous medieval Maremma villages, you may find sweltering days.

    This, however, does not prevent you from making pleasant excursions, also because the offer of peculiarities to visit is extensive.


    Weather sea Punta Ala


    If you want to stay on the coast, the climate is always breezy, and you can hardly suffer the heat.

    The sea is at hand, and many people frequent Punta Ala to practice the most popular water sport.

    Here you will find fans of sailing, kite surfing, windsurfing, and all its variants.

    Not to mention that those who practice snorkeling or scuba diving are indifferent to the sea weather conditions.

    For those who come to life as a beach, it is a relief to take advantage of the shade offered by the pine forest that runs along the entire Maremma coast.

    In Punta Ala, a thick pine forest of lyceums and maritime pine trees offers refreshment to those who are on the beach all day.

    At least in the central hours, it is possible to detach for a few moments and rest under the trees in the cool. Or have lunch at one of the many restaurants in the area’s establishments.


    Weather Punta ala, in detail


    In the rush of daily speech, especially Tuscan, it is easy to hear Puntala become a unique word. You can then listen to Puntala to indicate the peninsula between the Gulf of Follonica and the south coast towards Castiglione Della Pescaia.

    The weather in Punta ala is never a concern. The weather is always lovely, and the rare days of overcast skies or rain can be exploited pleasantly.

    There are many places to discover near Puntala, reachable in a few minutes.

    In the Punta ala area, you can find archaeological excavations, medieval villages, museums, churches with works of art of international value.

    meteo punta-ala