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    Bungalow on the beach

    The bungalow on the beach is the best way to experience the sea, in contact with nature completely immersed in the charm of the environment.

    bungalow sulla spiaggia

    There are those who are looking for worldliness, shopping, entertainment. All of which you can find equally if you want them. However, the beach bungalow gives you a thrill you couldn’t get in any hotel room.

    That’s because in Punta Ala nature still has a big impact on your perceptions. The scents of the Mediterranean, the sounds of cicadas and waves on the beach, the colors of the transparent sea and the vegetation of the pine forest. In Punta Ala you feel you are immersed in the environment that surrounds you and there is nothing better than the bungalow on the beach to enjoy it to the full, in full respect of the protection of the territory.

    Do not miss a single moment of these sensations: from the first light of dawn with a nice walk on the beach to the scents of the pine forest in the hottest hours of the day. From seaside sports activities to evening barbecues under the lights of the sunset. Always close to home.

    Everything in Punta Ala has a unique charm and in a bungalow on the beach you can live an extraordinary experience.

    The bungalow is a type of vacation in which today you do not have to give up the comforts of home, as was once the case. Before it was little more than a tent, but now the bungalow is built with all the comfort properties of superior accommodation, both as thermal and acoustic insulation. In addition, bungalows today are often equipped with modern furniture and sophisticated design.

    It is often designed to fit a precise and particular style that adds to the comfort with the charm of an extraordinary setting. Such is the case with 1950s Silverfield bungalows and trailers or oriental settings.

    All that’s left for you to do is to try a beach bungalow lodging experience, because some experiences can’t be told, they have to be lived.

    bungalow sulla spiaggia