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    Bungalows by
    the sea in Tuscany

    The bungalow is the ideal situation to make your vacations with the freedom of life in the open air in contact with nature and all the comforts of home.

    bungalow toscana mare

    The bungalow in fact is located within the tourist structure that offers you all the services that you could not find at home. In the village and in the camping you can enjoy first of all the proximity to the sea that allows you to live your vacation really on the sea.

    Inside the structure are also set up shopping areas and food supermarkets where you can do the shopping for your family, and this saves you from having to search for the nearest stores. If, however, you don’t feel like cooking and want to dine at the restaurant, the village is also able to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

    The campsite is no longer just an open space where you can put your tent and access the common bathrooms, but they are real villages that also offer different gastronomic proposals for different tastes.

    For example, at lunch you can go to the pizzeria or prepare in the kitchen of your bungalow an excellent Caprese salad with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes that you bought at the camping market. But if you want to stay on the beach even at lunchtime, you can buy sandwiches or salads always inside the village.

    Bungalow life offers you the privilege of being at the center of village life, with all the advantages of easy access to all services, but at the same time being able to access the sea in just a few steps. In full freedom for you and all family members, who at any age can find satisfaction with their interests.

    Young people can have fun in the various sports facilities where they can show off their skills or try out new activities. But even adults find opportunities to meet new friends thanks to soccer, basketball, volleyball and all the sports that are played at the camp.

    Without forgetting, of course, that the first sports activities are those practiced on the sea: swimming, surfing also in its different aerial variants, snorkeling to explore the rocky areas and recognize the different species of fish.

    The pool is the place around which many activities converge: games for children, gymnastics for ladies looking for a little ‘movement, tournaments for the most competitive.

    Also in the evening the pool bar offers aperitifs and cocktails for the more social.

    In the evening you can attend events organized by the staff, often with the collaboration of guests, to entertain the public with fun and fascinating shows. Here you may find that even though you might go back to your bungalow to watch television, that attending village nights is much more engaging. And the scenes have nothing to envy to professional stages.

    Entertainment opportunities take place throughout the day and cater to every age group with specific proposals. In particular, there are activities proposed for the youngest that can leave rest time to their parents in complete safety.

    The sea in Tuscany offers many areas of high concentration of fish and marine parks to discover. Just put on a mask and flippers and you’ll discover an underwater world you’d expect to find on a coral reef. Even the sea of Tuscany offers a large number of natural attractions that are worth discovering.

    The bungalow you can choose will fit your family’s needs: one, two or even three bedrooms that share a kitchen with a dining area suitable to accommodate everyone.

    The space offered also allows you to host friends from neighboring bungalows for a summer barbecue on the veranda. How else could you enjoy these moments with friends at the beach?

    If you’ve gotten the idea that for a bungalow stay you have to settle for spartan accommodations with minimal amenities, you’re way off.

    The bungalows, as well as very comfortable and equipped with all amenities, are also very beautiful. From the choice of furniture, colors, and materials, you won’t feel like you’re in a shell or a mobile home.

    You’ll find that the standard of amenities we’ve all become accustomed to won’t change your habits: from the television to the coffee machine to the kitchen amenities.

    Not only will you not have to give up anything, you’ll discover a whole new style of inhabiting the space. In fact, the great advantage of the bungalow is that it is completely customizable and structurally easy to modify.

    This feature allows you to find bungalows by the sea in Tuscany set up in the most different ways that give a special character to your vacation.

    There are a variety of proposals ranging from country style homes to hypermodern style, from tree house to 1950s vintage silver trailer.

    A different way to experience a beach vacation in Tuscany that will leave you with unforgettable memories for a lifetime.

    The bungalow therefore becomes a style of vacation to be chosen according to one’s tastes, but which leaves open the discovery of new sensations never experienced before.

    Come experience a beach bungalow vacation in Tuscany and you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.

    bungalow toscana mare